What better way to share Christmas joy than to lipsync it for all to hear? The diva is back, and a new divo (is this the masculine for diva??) is in the house. Wally is up to his elf antics again, and, let’s face it, I am just a little too intense about it all. Add some Ralphie and a few sugar plums, and, well…Merry merry to you and yours!

Tell us your favorites, because that’s the joy of it for all of us!

Every year, people ask us in November if we are working on our video yet, if we are stressed, if we are running out of ideas… and the answer is “Yes.” Because what is a work of creative nature if not grueling, and painful, with a lot of yelling and hair pulling (especially from the adult Ott contingent)? Because what happens when a writer and a web monkey/designer extraordinaire, who both have creative pockets they rest comfortably in and know nothing about video create a video? It is a battle of the creative egos, to the death—or at the very least, to the Christmas video that you both laugh at while creating and then wonder with a deep self-consciousness if it is, in fact, funny, or if you have lost your marbles and various ornaments of a Christmas nature once and for all.

But at least the kids are getting older and understand humor on a new level, and your son has hair that can play a role of its own, and your daughter is starting to throw out art direction—the last clip set up was her idea! So here you have it. Ott children to the rescue. Together, it is our annual struggle that becomes our delight.

And below, the ghosts of Christmas past.

Video: A Very Merry Ott Christmas Dubsmash 2017

Merry Christmas! Our 2016 Christmas Video

And a post that compiles a bunch!

2015 and earlier.

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