Every few weeks, Wally V and I have a lunch date with my Mama May and Grandpa, his great grandparents on my side. They live in a retirement community of condos about 10 minutes from our house. The community has a dining hall where they enjoy a 3 course meal once a day, and they are allowed to bring guests. Since Wally Ben doesn’t yet appreciate the delicacies of Caesar Wraps and Cod Filets and Red Pepper Soup (yum!), we pack him a delicious PBJ, some crackers, and bananas, and we head to the dining room.

Wally Ben has gotten used to the routine and loves to go. The host at one point told him he had the run of the place, which is fine by WV. He runs down the long hallways (half the fun!) to the dining room. We walk in, and it’s like the show has started. He knows it too, and he plays it up. He runs into the room, the din quiets, and a hush comes over the crowd. Every head turns. The star has just stepped out onto the stage. He acknowledges the room by pausing, mid-run, raising his little shoulders and chest into the air, and practically nodding “Yes, I’m here. The party can begin.”

We eventually make our way to the table, where he sits in the high chair, most of the time like a good boy (with one exception, which involved a lot of crying and screaming, and a general loudness…I half expected boos from his normally receptive audience, but they all politely looked the other way, and a few offered him cookies).

Then, after a delicious meal, he gets to go see the fishies. They have a tank he’s fascinated with, and he runs around it, looking at it from all angles, like he can’t quite figure out how to get to the fishies inside. I’m sure, even if we aren’t visiting, if I mention fishies, he thinks of Mama May and Grandpa, who are excellent hosts!

Wally Ben is lucky to have 5 living great grandparents who all love him very much!

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