One of the best parts of the year from age 1-2: some of them start to talk so you can get an idea of what they are thinking. Wally didn’t really start talking until around 5 months ago, and his vocabulary has since exploded. Wally now says 3-6 word sentences, like “Mommy done shaving Butt,” which Wally pointed out would sound really bad if you didn’t know he was using his nickname for our dog, Buttercup. He came up to me with a little disc shooter the other day and said, “Wally shoot Mommy face.” (At least he warned me.) The only downfall is that he has started to repeat himself until we acknowledge him or repeat back what he’s saying. “Mommy shave Butt.” “Mommy shave Butt.” Mommy shave Butt.”…

They get memories (or at least talk about their memories.) He remembers funny things out of the blue. In September, at least a few months after this happened, one morning Wally said, “Diving board. Wally jump off. Joe catch. LizE too,” remembering a pool day over the summer. Just yesterday when Aunt Liz was over, Wally said, “Flower dance,” and started doing a funny walk she had done with him playing outside at her house months ago.

Most of his memories come out as stories, and I love his little stories. When he came back from a trip to Panera with Dee Dee and Gramps, I heard all about what happened. “Wally spilled water. Guy wipe it up. Give cookie. Wally done crying.” (He had cried because he spilled the water. The cookie from the guy helped put a stop to that.)

Yes, I love this age. I even love the end of his time outs, which we traditionally have ended with counting to 10, since he can count from 1-10 now, with his cute little voice, high and relieved, skipping 5 (which is a very odd number for little WV to skip), and ending with an “I’m sorry, mommy” and a sweet 2-year-old kiss.

And to think, in just one and a half years, I get to do it all again!

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