Wally IV and I were doing Jillian Michael’s 6 Week Six Pack workout, so several times a week Wally Ben watched us each work out for a half an hour. He loved to watch, especially while eating lunch, since he has a clear view of the living room from his high chair. Food and the entertainment of a parent flailing around—what’s not to like? If he was running free, he sometimes liked to join whoever was working out with a few jumps and kicks. He’s actually a very impressive squatter, and has recently taken to balancing on one leg on occasion. He even has been known to hold a plank pose (push up position with the arms extended) with his feet up on the first stair. (That must be in the advanced version of the workout—we haven’t gotten to that level yet. I’m thinking he might get a six pack before either his mom or dad.) He loves the workout mat, and sometimes impersonates us to be funny. I caught one such rendition on video. Without further ado:

Wally Ben Works Out from Meet The Otts on Vimeo.