The tradition of creating this video is so treasured by our family. We are humbled and amazed when people tell us watching the video has become part of their own holiday tradition. A few families even tell us that when the new video is released, they make it a point to watch the videos from every year before they allow themselves to do this year’s big reveal. Since we started these lip syncs with baby Vivvi, by this point, that equals nearly a sitcom worth of entertainment!

Every year we wonder if there will be enough ideas, if we have run through all the funny available, if we are doomed to have this be the year we have to disappoint these fans. We feel the agony of creative block in October and November. I start laying the weight of beginning on the family mid-November. We have to decorate, I say. We have to start writing ideas, I say. Do you have any ideas yet? Any of you! You IMBECILES!

Then around Thanksgiving, inspiration strikes. Ideas flow from four minds. We find a block of time. We lock in. We laugh. We do and redo pieces at a time. We get particular about how we envision parts to go. We ask if everyone can redo just one more time. We yell. We swear. We get told by the rest of the family that we are making this whole thing miserable and asked why do we do this and told to just relax, mom, you are so mean, mom, you ruin everything! (Okay. I am seeing we might be needing some wine and a book for an hour or so…Okay, we are back, an hour later, and we have asked for forgiveness and my family has forgiven we. But also, let’s all admit, the video is measurably better because of we’s ideas. But also, let’s be honest, it is mostly good because of the natural acting talent of everyone but we.) And finally, the perfect take! All moods are returned to Christmas star level!

And here we are! The bottomless pit of Christmas inspiration has delivered again. We hope you enjoy! This one is dedicated to our tradition fans—you make it all worth it!



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