In the weeks leading up to Vivi’s birth, I experienced what probably most pregnant moms of toddlers go through–the feeling that this is the end of my time as a mother of one. The end of before. The end of my time with my one and only–before my heart’s capacity is doubled up.

We had a lot of fun as a family of three. Of course, there is plenty of space for one more in all of these activities, especially if that one is our sweet little Genevieve. (Wally Ben calls her “sweetie.” He gets up in her little face and whispers, “Hi, sweetie. Hi. It’s okay, Genevieve, it’s okay.” It breaks my heart every time!)

I wanted to post these videos before she was born, but didn’t get around to it. Better late than never! Here are a few never-seen quick shorts of some of the antics we were up to when we were three!

More on life as a family of four later!

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