If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about Wally Ben, it’s that he’s just so darn cute. So cute, you just want to smoosh his little face and give him kisses and stare at him all day. So cute that you want to dress him in every outfit he has and take a million pictures even though all of them look the same when you’re done. So cute that you find yourself doing things for him that you wouldn’t ever think about doing for any other human being. And so cute, that it’s just impossible to get mad at anything he does.

And he does a lot.

IMG_0221I always wondered how the lack of sleep thing would go for me. Two of my favorite things to do are eat and sleep. (If my third favorite was to poop, I’d be a newborn.) So when I only slept 4 hours each night for the first two nights, it was a bit much to handle. Now that we’re at a combined total of 6-7 hours a night, it’s been better. I still love my sleep, and yet when it comes time to feed him at 3AM, I find myself looking forward to it and enjoying the quiet time with him.
Because he’s just so darn cute.

IMG_0242Wally IV handled the diaper changing for the first several days, since I was a little scared of his circumcision. So I’d hold his legs while Wally handled the rough part. Finally when he was all healed up, I got my first chance at a diaper change. All went well. And as soon as I picked him up to celebrate our success, he made a face and let out another number 2. So I got to change it again.
But he’s just so darn cute!

IMG_0244Also, Wally V has a pee pattern that will defy even the best-wrapped diaper. If his diaper is wet, odds are it’s only a little wet and his entire back is completely soaked. In fact, the other night at 3AM I was feeding him and he was wearing just his diaper. He was on my side with his knees up against my back. And all of the sudden I felt warm. Very warm. And he just went right on eating.
But, he’s just so darn cute!

IMG_0250He also has this cry. It is a sound that shouldn’t be able to come out of a human being that small. It is so loud that you just look at him and laugh. Because honestly, dude, nothing is that bad! His Auntie Liz was here the other night to witness that wail. He tilts his head back, opens his mouth extremely wide, turns completely red, and the sound comes out. Auntie Liz said he sounds like a really bad alarm clock. And it’s inconsolable. Wally IV, after trying everything to calm him down the other day, just sat watching him for a minute or two. Then he said, “How long do you think he’d go like this if we just let him?” Last night Wally IV got the chance to try it out. He tried to calm the little fuss pot, but there would be no calming. So he held him and just watched him go. Wally went for a 1/2 hour, then on the final wail, stopped, closed his mouth, and fell into a deep sleep.
But…he’s just so darn cute!

So, like I said, I know why God made babies cute. And Wally Ben is especially cute, if I do say so myself.

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