Several months ago, Wally started occasionally talking and saying, “I…no…no…I…am…no…more…no…more…I…hmmm…”, and eventually I picked up on the fact that this talking with pauses was, in fact, him singing “I’m Yours,” by Jason Mraz. The “no more”s gave it away. This song was one that came up here and there on our favorite Pandora stations, and he had decided that he liked this song all on his own.

As you may know, our funny little guy loves to learn the names of people, characters from movies or shows, and particularly singers. He can often recognize “John Mayer, Daddy loves him”, “Adele—this is ‘Should I Give Up’! This is ‘Chasing Pavement’!” and “Jack Johnson! He sings Curious George!” So we told him the song he liked was “I’m Yours”, and after a few weeks, when the song would come on, he would yell. “This is ‘I’m Yours!'” within the first few notes.

Fast forward to today. He decided he wanted to serenade his sister, so he pulled his guitar out, sat down, and started playing. That’s when I realized he knew most of the words. I held my breath when he got to the “Open up your…” part, since those get a little 2-year-old inappropriate (“Open up your plans, and damn you’re free”—the “d” word, gasp!). But alas, he kept it clean.


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