Thoughts on Mommy’s Beauty

WV: Daddy has beard. Mommy no have beard. Mommy only chin.


Wally’s big boy phrases he uses often

WV: It’s a mess!

WV: What should we do today?

WV: What should we play?

WV: (After playing with his trains.) See you next time, choo choo!

WV: (After every song on the radio.) Good song!


New Version of Twinkle

WV: How I wonder what you are. Like a diaper in the sky…


Inevitable name confusion. Every time I talk to W4 by name.

Me: Hey Wal?
W4: Yeah?
WV: Here is Wally!!!! (*running into the room, pointing to self with both hands* Every. Time.)


A Christmas Elf Helper

Auntie Jane was handing out presents at the Rosier family Christmas. Cousin Grady and Wally were playing with their trucks. Well into the gift giving, there were a few moments of silence. WV stood up and grabbed a present from under the tree.

WV: This one is for…


Two guys

I don’t know where this one came from. Playing with Kellen one day, he started announcing everything they were doing, saying, “Two guys climbing stairs,” and “Two guys eating snacks,” and “Two guys stealing cookies.” From then on, the phrase stuck for him, and he announces what he is doing that someone else is doing the same by saying, “Two guys…” The other day W4 was leaving with Wally Ben and doing the necessary bundling of the toddler, and I came inside from letting the dogs out. He looked at my head, felt his own, and said, “Two guys wearing hats.”


Vivi’s Talents

We were reading Wally’s “What’s Inside” book, where we look inside different things to see what’s going on (including Mommy’s belly). We got to this picture.

WV: Vivi playing trumpet!

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