New names for things…close but no cigar.

WV: (walking by a park with a big tube slide) Look at that really big big tuba!


His American Idol

WV watched this show a few times with his dad, and always asks everyone’s name. Then I watched it with him a few weeks later.

WV: What’s him name?
Me: Phillip
WV: Phillip Phillips?

Yes, that was this idol’s full name. Which WV remembered. Now he talks about him once a day, usually. Sample conversation:

WV: I want to watch the singing show.
Me: It’s not on right now.
WV: I want to watch Phillip Phillips.
Me: We can’t now, Wally, because he’s not on.
WV: I like Phillip Phillips. He’s my friend. I give him hugs and kisses.


He must have heard that somewhere

Wally 4 dropped Wally Ben into his carseat with a little more gusto than planned.
WV: That was a big deal!


WV and I were hiding under a blanket downstairs from Wally 4, waiting for him to come down. It took longer for him to come down than planned, so I took the blanket off.

Me: I guess he’s not coming down yet.
WV: (sarcastically) Oh, that went well.


Planning outfits…in the future

Me: Which shirt do you want to wear?
WV: This one.
Me: Okay, you can wear that other one later.
WV: Yeah, when I’m older.


Song lyrics

DeeDee: (finishing a naptime song, You Are My Sunshine) “Please don’t take my sunshine away.”
WV: I take your sunshine.


Getting ready for Vivi

W4: I’m going to the doctor now.
WV: You going to get Vivi?


Wally and I were changing in the locker room after swimming, and another mom’s newborn was crying.
Baby: Eeeeeeeeee. Eeeeee.
Me: Do you hear that baby crying, Wally? That’s a newborn crying.
WV: That baby’s not crying.
Me: No? What’s she doing?
WV: She’s saying, “Eeeeeee, Eeeeee, Eeeeee.”

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