We Otts love Christmas. We are that family who listens to Christmas music starting November 1. We try to take the week off between Christmas and New Years so we can properly enjoy the 8 million Christmas parties we have between our two families. We spend ages coming up with the perfect family Christmas Card, and since WV was born, we have tried to outdo ourselves every year.

A few years ago I overdid the Christmas excitement for WV—talking and talking about Santa and taking 100 pictures of the plate of cookies, to the point that when he came downstairs to see if Santa ate his cookies and left presents, he went comatose for about 10 minutes, staring into space, before he would even register the shining wrapping paper under the tree.

This year, though, WV is starting to get into it. He was interested in talking to Santa, making a list, checking it twice. He knows and asks questions about the nativity story. And so, we have a few Christmas darndest things that came spouting from his funny little mouth:

Nana:[singing] All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!
WV: Why not something else?


Wv: Santa must be very old because you have to be very old if you have a mustache.
Me: Really? Who do you know that is old with a mustache?
Wv: Gramps. And you Mommy; you are very old.
Me: [Feels for mustache.]


Me: Jesus was born in a stable.
WV: What’s that?
Me: That’s like a farm, where animals live. So there were sheep, and cows…
WV: And lambs, and cowboys…

And, without further ado, our Christmas card. Enjoy!