WV is two, which means he works things out with two-year-old logic. Which can be rather amusing sometimes. Here are some of Wally Ben’s thoughts from the past few months.

On old people illustrations:
My automatic Nook screen saver is black and white illustrations of old authors. Most of them are looking old and grumpy. Wally was messing with my Nook and thought he figured out how to switch to a new picture.
Me: What are you doing?
WV: I changed it to a new guy, because that guy was mad at me.

On loud noises:
We were in Wally Ben’s room, and there was a loud noise outside.
WV: What was that?
Me: I think it was a motorcycle.
WV: Okay. It wasn’t a monster sound?

On the human body:
A few months ago, he came up to me after having stuck his finger in his ear.
WV: What’s this in my ear?
Me: That’s earwax.
WV: I think it’s an orange.

On growth and time and Benjamin Button.
We were playing catch, and WV looked at our chocolate lab Ellie.
WV: Maybe Ellie could throw that ball with her paws when she’s a big boy. But now she can’t, because she’s a dog.

The other day, Vivi was sleeping, so Wally 4 brought WV down to a parade that was in our neighborhood. At lunch, I was talking to Wally about the experience.
Me: You are lucky that we live in a place where parades happen so close to our house! Did you have fun with Daddy?
WV: Yeah! And maybe when you are big, you can go see a parade!
I smiled. Then he studied me for a minute.
WV: But you’re already big!

A week later, he seemed to have worked this one out.
Me: Did you have fun at the playground with Daddy?
WV: Yeah, and when you’re little, you can go to the playground too!

On adult conversations:
I was talking to W4 about our plans for the day, and I trailed off thinking.
Me: I have to feed Genevieve before we go, but…
WV: Did you just say “butt?”
Me: Yeah.
WV: No, that’s not “butt,” that’s Daddy.

On rhetorical questions:
Me: Whew! It’s hot out! What do you say?
WV: Thank you?

Me: Does your mom have skills, or what?
WV: What.