My Auntie Sara and I were talking a few months ago about the amazing logic of kids. Ever since Wally turned 3, he is trying to reason out the world, and sometimes the way he makes sense of things is funny, but it really does make good sense. Without further ado, a few quotes, some classic kid logic, some adult-speak, and some just goofy.

On moving

WV: Why are we moving?
W4: We are getting a bigger house.
WV: Oh, yeah, because this house is getting smaller?


Continuing the house theme

We were driving, and WV noticed a house covered with vines (pictured here).

WV: Hey, look! That house is growing!


Let’s see how things spin.

The doctor’s office has a swivel stool that WV has played with since he was a toddler while we wait. The past time, he was putting his pants, socks, and snack cup to see how it spins and then flies off. He looked around the room for something else to spin.

WV: Now lets try Viv!


The greatest Christmas pageant

We were talking to Wally about how his cousin, Grady, was promoted to be an angel in his church Christmas pageant. We were going to go watch it. The day of the service, we were playing before church. We told him we’d leave in just a few minutes.

WV: And then we’ll go see Grady be a Princess?


Weather report

WV: It’s nice, for a day.


Returning compliments

Me: Thank you for asking for seconds of salad. What a good boy you are.
WV: And what a good girl you are!


Dueling whistles

I was whistling (I’m not that great), and WV was playing his football-shaped whistle.

WV: My football one is really loud, is it?! But not your face.


Potty fun

WV: Mom, do you have a peeps.
Me: Yes, I have a girl peeps and you have a boy peeps.
WV: Oh, do you have a butt?


WV: I don’t have to go potty, I just went potty yesterday


Figuring out letters

WV likes to play the sound it out game, figuring out what letters a word starts with. (I’ll ask, “What does ‘Ball’ start with”? WV will say, “Buh, buh, B”.) He has “W” down since it’s his letter, even though it’s a hard one. Sometimes he says, “Wuh wuh, we”, and I say, “Is ‘we’ a letter?” He says, “No, W!” The other day he was trying to figure out a word that starts with W, but couldn’t think of one. Eventually he figured it out…sort of.

WV: I know! Wan starts with W. See? Listen. Wuh wuh Wan!



WV was in the other room, when he yelled out in surprise.

WV: Oh!
Me: What’s “oh!”?
WV: O is a circle.

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