Sudden observations

WV: We all have socks on. Let’s walk in them!



WV was sick for a few weeks, and then got an ear infection. We saw the doc, and as the doc left the check up room:

WV: I’m all better now.


Song lyrics

Me: What song do you want me to sing for bedtime?

WV: I’ve Got a Song in My Nose. [a song from his CD]

Me: Okay, and what other song?

WV: You’ve Got a Friend in Your Nose. [his adapted title for the Toy Story song]


Polite speaking

Me: Wally, come help me pick up your blocks.

WV: No, thank you.


On names, #1

Me: [Yelling up the stairs for W4, who is getting dressed after a shower.] Wal? Wal?

W5: Wal is getting dressed.

W4: [Comes down the stairs.] Yeah?

W5: There is Wal.


On names #2

Me: [road raging] What are you doing, lady?

WV: [from the back seat] I’m not lady. I’m Waddy.


Conversation about love #1

W4: Who is this singing?

WV: John Mayer. You love him.


Conversation about love #2

Me: In a few minutes, Mark is coming over.

WV: Who’s Mark?

Me: He’s the one fixing our leak.

WV: He’s a nice guy. I sometimes see him. I love him.