Gross burping!

Wally IV: *Big burp*
Wally V: Piggy!
Don’t know how he came up with that one, but I agreed!


At Silver Lake

Me: Do you boys want to go to the beach?
Grady (Wally’s 2 year old cousin): Kay.
WV: Sure.


Trying on Swimming Suits

Me: What do you think of this one?
WV: No no no!
Me: Okay, I guess I won’t get that one.
WV: *Putting hanger over his own head with the next suit* Cute! Cute!


Brushing teeth

W4: Time to brush your teeth.
WV: No!
W4: Yes, we’ve got to clean the hot dog out that you had for dinner.
WV: *agrees* Clean hot dog.

The next night (and almost every night since then), I’m brushing his teeth.
WV: Cleaning hot dog.


Folding Laundry, Wally “helping” handing me clothes from the basket

Me: I’m having trouble keeping up with you, you’re so fast handing those to me!
WV: *Several minutes later, after another half basket* Mommy, keep up!


Taking a break

W4: Whew, I need to rest! *Lays down on the ground after running around with WV, WV lays next to him*

Several days later, I’m checking my email in the morning on the couch.

WV: Done working. Shut off!
Me: Okay, do you want breakfast?
WV: No, Mommy. *points at ground* Rest!

So I obliged, laid down on the ground, and enjoyed my mandated break.


Holding baby cousin Stella

Me: Wally, want to hold Stella?
WV: Sure.
*Holds her for a minute while I snap pictures. Then pushes her toward her mom, Auntie Jane.*
WV: Jane hold it.

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