The potty training thing makes for interesting toddler conversation—some in private, and some of the most amusing in public bathrooms. We haven’t done diapers since February, but it is still a challenge requiring constant reminders and fights in heading to the potty. We’ve found one of our greatest motivators, though, is that he really cares about our feelings. This is a daily conversation:

WV: I went in my underwear. Sorry for going in my underwear. You happy?
Me: No, I’m not happy. Next time, tell me before you go.
WV: I won’t go in my underwear anymore. You happy?

Without further ado, here are some of the darndest things that have come out of potty training!

On learning about boys and girls.

WV: Mommy, you sit down? Only Daddy stands up.


WV: Mommy, you don’t have peeps. Only Wally and Daddy have peeps.


Public bathroom talk, making friends while sitting on the potty in the stall.

WV: What’s her name?
Me: Whose name?
WV: Lady washing hands.
Me: She’s another shopper.
WV: What’s her name?


WV: (listening to the other stall’s occupant) Guy tooted.


Overnight training (and weather?)

WV wakes up.
Me: Good morning! Did you stay dry?
WV: Yes!
Me: Yay! I’m so glad you didn’t pee the bed!
WV: Yeah. This just from rain.

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