Wally has been even more interesting lately in the way he thinks. He has been trying to understand and reason his way through the stuff of life lately. Most recently were about 100 straight questions about digestion. A snippet of this conversation is below. As a non-scientist, I tried to work with him to tell him how it is, but even I can’t answer some of the things he wonders. Note to self: read up on digestion. I also can’t keep up with his questions. He asks, then moves on to the next thought. Without further ado, a diatribe on digestion, and other 3 year old thoughts:


On Digestion:

WV: Mommy! I pooped a big poop. Come in here, I’ll show ya’!


WV: Poop is in my head. I drink water, and it makes the poop come down into my knees. How does the poop come out of me? I think there is a hole. Why does poop come out flat? Cows pee in the grass and then it turns into milk.
Me: No, milk isn’t pee. Milk comes out like how mommies feed their babies with milk.
WV: Oh, why don’t I have milks? [Gestures to his chest.]
Me: You’re a boy. Only girls have milks.
WV: Oh, well I drank milk. I have milk in my belly. Maybe I could cut a hole in my belly, and Vivvi can drink it.

WV: That comb is bigger.
W4: No it’s not, it’s the same one we always use.
WV: I just think it got bigger because it ate something.


[Watching a DVD with an old preview]
Wv: I can watch that movie in the theater, maybe.
Me: No, I think that’s an old movie.
WV: Oh, then you and daddy can watch it because you guys are old, okay, mommy?

WV: Ooo, look at that fancy car!
W4: That’s an old car
WV: Did someone throw it away?

Explaining the world

WV: Mom, children can talk, but animal children can’t talk.


Me: What do you do when you are a calendar helper at preschool?
WV: You have to use your brains.


WV: Bugs are outside because that is their home outside. That why they are in my neighborhood.


[Trying to wink] WV: This one is broken and the other one is not broken.


WV: Maddox calls me Wreck It Ralph
Me: Why?
WV: Because I’m wrecking things. He thinks I’m a bad guy, but I’m not, I’m a good guy.
W4: You should try to be helpful so he calls you Fix It Felix
WV: I can’t be Fix It Felix, cause I’m a wrecking guy!


[iPad game reads “Nice try!”] WV: I can’t win, mom! See, that says, “Lose today!”

WV: [Reading a toy rocket.] N-A-S-A. See, that spells rocketship.



Me: We can leave as soon as Vivvi wakes up.
WV: Okay, we’ll just take a little relax until she wakes up. I’ll take a relax on the chair, and you can take a relax on the couch, okay?
Ready to take a re-morning-lax?


Wv: Is it my naptime?
W4: Pretty much.
WV: But not that much?


Me: Don’t say that again.
WV: But…
Me: No buts
WV: I want to have buts!


Me: Can we tear a little off your cupcake to share with Vivvi?
WV: Sure, here, she can just have a sprinkle.

photo-3-e1374545260946-224x300Conversation starters.

WV: I never beed a garbage truck guy before.


[This is one he uses regularly with us. At least once a day, usually at mealtimes.] WV: So, did you guys have ice cream today?


WV: Aliens have two heads sometimes. I learned that at preschool.

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