Vivi didn’t sleep well last night. (Her pattern for the past few weeks.) Last night she slept so poorly, in fact, that at 2:45 after I had fed her and rocked her and was awake for a few hours trying to get her to stay asleep when I set her down, I gave up and decided to let her cry. She was fed, she was tired, so it was my only option if I wanted a wink of sleep myself. After a half hour of fussing, she fell asleep on her own.

Then the same situation repeated again from 5-6:30, with some loud crying at 6:30. Wally IV wakes up with Wally V, and IV heard V wake up to the loud crying but stay in bed until his usual wake up time at 7. Then after a while he came downstairs and joined his daddy for their morning routine of exercise (IV) and iPad (V).

Then when I woke up after my last stretch of sleep (a necessity with this horrible sleep pattern thing we have going on), Wally V came in the room and gave me a big hug good morning, which he usually does. It was so nice. I said, “Did Vivi wake you up this morning, Wally Ben?”

He said, “No. I was just sleeping with my eyes open.”

The conclusion: WV is a good big brother.

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