Mommy’s growing size.
Wally is such a rough wrestler, we decided I can’t wrestle with him while I’m pregnant. So I say, “No, I can’t do that, I’m having a baby.”

One day, I was pushing Wally in a laundry basket.
W: Mommy turn.
Me: Okay, I’ll climb in, you push.
W: *strains to push me in the basket for a minute, then gestures that I should get out* Mommy no sit. Mommy have baby.

Playing pretend sleep.
W: Wake up, Mommy.
I sit up.
W: Now wake down.

A limited vocabulary
Daddy, throwing a ball, knocks down a trinket from the bookshelf.
W: Daddy break book.
W4: It’s not a book.
W: Daddy break…other thing.

On strange sounds
Visiting Daddy for lunch at the office, the water cooler bubbled.
W: Whoa! Mommy pooped!

A diaper change exchange.
W: Oh!
Me: Yes, the wipe is cold, right?
W: Waddy butt hot.

Another diaper change exchange.
W: Be nice, Mommy.
Me: I’ll be nice.
W: Waddy need powder
Me: Okay, I’ll do powder.
W: Waddy need sour cream.
Me: What? Okay, I’ll do diaper cream.

On dog play
I was downstairs and heard Wally laughing at Buttercup, who was running around like a nut. Ellie heard too and went upstairs to get in on the fun. Then Wally started crying.

I went upstairs to make sure he hadn’t been knocked over in the chaos and he was standing away from the action, full out tears.

Me: Calm down! Tell me what happened.
W: *more tears*
Me: Wally, what’s wrong?
W:*recovering, catching his breath* Ellie…
Me: Ellie what?
W: Ellie…Ellie…Ellie eating Buttercup.

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