I’m helping to lead Storytime at Vacation Bible School. Today the first thing a kid said in the first group, before the rest of the kids even made it into the room: “This is boring.” Nice start to the week!

In another group, I was asking the kids what we can do to Be Ready for God (the lesson of the day).

Kid: Prayer.

Me: Yes, prayer.

Kid 2: Go to church.

Me: Yes, go to church, good.

Kid 3: Don’t beat anyone up. Except bullies, you should beat up the bullies.

Me: Umm, yes, don’t beat anyone up. Anything else?

Kid 3: No, I said you can beat up bullies. That’s okay.

Me: Umm.

Kid 3: You can.

Me: There are gray areas…

I think I have a lot of learning to do before Wally starts stumping me in a few years.

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