This year, we put our Christmas lights up on a timer. The first night, I knew what time they would be popping on, so I told Wally Ben to think really hard about it, and he could make the lights come on with his thoughts. He crunched his face to concentrate. I couldn’t wait for his amazement when they came on. I couldn’t wait for his yelp of surprise, for him to run to tell Wally4, for him to tell his friends and cousins as soon as he saw them next. The lights popped on, and he turned to me and said, “I did it.” Then he resumed whatever action figure battle had been interrupted for the chore of turning on the lights with his mind power.

That situation inspired this video. WV is a logical kid who needs everything explained. But he also carries in his person an inspiring ability to believe. We decided to ask him a few questions to understand the thoughts behind his powerful belief. (And Vivv is still young, but she has a little munchkin voice that we’re afraid will deepen to a normal tenor soon—so we asked her a few questions also to capture that bubbly sound forever.)

This holiday season, we hope that miracles are easy. And most of all, we hope you know and experience love that surpasses knowledge and understanding.

Merry Christmas! Love, The Otts.

And for a little extra enjoyment we’ve provided some outtakes below:

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