I am told all the time that Wally Ben looks like me. Just as often, I’m told he looks like Wally IV. My theory is that he looks just like Wally IV when he is serious and angry. Otherwise he looks like me (when he is happy and laughing, of course). This is a joke, although his brow furrowing is truly Wally IV-ish.

I expected Vivi to look like Wally V had. When Wally Ben was newborn, he resembled the Denman side (and so his Uncle Joe) so much, I found myself looking at him, saying, “Joey? Is that you?” When Vivi came out, I was surprised. She looked nothing like Wally V, and so I didn’t recognize her. Then I realized–she looked exactly like her dad’s baby pictures. She was a mini Daddy! Most people agreed.

But then, a few weeks later she got big old cheeks. That is when everyone started saying she looks like me. I still don’t see it, but those prominent cheeks can’t be overlooked!

Auntie Liz watched the kids today (that is still an odd phrase for me: my kids!). Quite by accident, Auntie Liz took a few pictures of Vivi that are exactly like ones I took of Wally V when he was around her age. Without further ado, you can decide how alike they look. One thing is certain–they have their mommy’s cheeks!

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