Wally V has proven to really like routines. Like all toddlers, he thrives best when he knows what is going to happen next, step-by-step. Every morning, I bring Wally Ben downstairs once he wakes up—which is earlier and earlier these days…6:30 currently. I then usually get my work computer out and go through my emails and plan my day’s work. I usually sit at the kitchen table. Wally has decided he will work then too, so he gets his laptop out and—eek, so precious—sits next to me or across from me “working.”

And he has created several of his own talking routines as well.

When we come home, we use an automatic garage opener to get in the garage. Because he likes to, and to keep him from throwing a tantrum about wanting to play in his Cozy Coupe Car or on his Scooter, we ask him if he wants to push the button by the door to close the garage. Then we can easily shuffle him inside and help him forget all the fun things sitting in our 95 degree garage these days. One time a few weeks ago, Wally IV accidentally pushed the button from within the car instead of leaving the garage door open so WV could close it. He realized it as he was closing and said, “Oh, sorry.” He then opened it so Wally could close it. The next day, we were pulling in the garage again, and Wally Ben said, “Push. Sorry.” He somehow thought the two words needed to be said. We corrected him and said, “No, Wally, Sorry is if you do something wrong. Say ‘Push, please’ instead.” The next time he again said, “Push, sorry,” and I laughed. That laugh sealed the deal—every time we pull in the garage, it’s his game to say, “Push, sorry,” and I have to say, “No, silly, it’s push please!”

He does the same talking routine when Wally leaves for work in the morning. Usually at that time WV is eating breakfast. So he gives his dad a kiss and hug bye, and then he turns around in his chair and watches out the balcony as Wally IV leaves through the garage and walks to work. As Wally IV leaves, Wally Ben says, “Daddy. Walking. Shoe on,” (I don’t know why he has to mention he has his shoes on. So interesting to peak into the brain of his once he started talking.) And then when Wally IV passes under a tree he says, “Tree.” So every morning I hear, “Daddy. Walking. Shoe on. Tree.” What a goofball.

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