Before we found out that Wally was going to be a boy, we had a girl name picked out. So this time, leading up to the ultrasound, we decided not to talk names. If it was a girl, we wouldn’t ever have to do the great name debate. If it were a boy, let the games begin.

She revealed herself to be a girl, and while I was mildly annoyed at first—all of Wally’s cute baby clothes we don’t get to use again, and the inevitable fact that in 13 years time we will be the discombobulated owners of a teenage girl—a quick trip to Carters to scout baby girl clothes helped me come right around. Awww, a little girl!

(I still am terrified at times. I don’t know how to do my own hair, let alone style a little one’s locks. Please, in 5 years, when she comes into your presence and looks unkempt and disheveled and she has a rather distracting bump or two in her uncentered ponytail, don’t laugh. It’s not her fault. Just try to keep your eyes below her forehead or intentionally blur your vision a bit, and never say, “Oh, you styled your own hair today!” Because she didn’t. Her mom did. And she will not be happy once she catches on that this is not meant to be a compliment.)

I am also pleased that we don’t have to do the name debate. Especially since when we did throw boy names around before the ultrasound, we discovered we have very different tastes. It would have been a long several months debating.

We (clearly) didn’t have to debate when it came to Wally Ben’s name. And early on when we got together, during one of those sweet “someday when we have kids” talks, we both agreed on a name we loved for a girl. And it has since stuck. So while Wally has had his name predestined for 85-100 years or so, our girl has had her name picked out for several years at least.

She’s going to be Mollie Jr.

Ha! I had you for a second. But seriously, it would be nice to have a counterpart. In a family where my husband is Wally and my son is Wally and my brother is Joe who married a Liz and my sister is Liz who married a Joe, I deserve a Mollie! I have been alone long enough! But alas, I will have to hope for a future niece to fill that roll, because I am not quite that goofy. And Wally won’t let me.

Without further ado, her name will be (drum roll, please): Genevieve! And we will call her Vivi. This is my grandma’s name, and my sister’s middle name, so we are pulling it from the family. Plus, I like the symmetry with Wally Ben V and Vivi.

Middle name, to be announced! (We have to keep something fun to announce when she’s born, right?) Here’s to Mollie Jr.! Oh, I mean, Vivi!

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