My mom and dad said Silver Lake is an important trip, and that I have been there 2 times already and this would be my third, although the first time I was in my mom’s belly and I couldn’t see very well, but I do remember a long long long long walk across the dunes to Lake Michigan that was really long. So I was excited to go again, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

I don’t know what was my favorite. I think maybe the petting zoo was fun with a big pillow for me to run and bounce on and a train to ride, that was my favorite. Oh, or maybe the Elk Farm where I was driving behind a tractor and saw big elk with big antlers and they ate corn out of my hand, they were slimy and that was probably my favorite. I drove the boat, and sometimes at home I say, “Driving boat,” and Mommy knows that I am remembering Silver Lake.

Oh wait, I forgot about Eli’s sandbox, Eli is my new friend and we poured water in the sandbox and played with shovels, but you should know, No Throwing Sand—that was my favorite. Then there was the ice cream, ice cream, everywhere. There was a big debate I heard about Whippy Dip or Bubbas, but I pick the place that has ice cream which is both, so they are both my favorite.

Oh, I forgot my favorite part! Our cottage had a section called a runaround where I could run around in circles. And Grady was there! Every nap I woke up and said, “Grady, Grady!” And mommy would say, “No, Grady’s still sleeping.” So I decided to learn how to say, “Grady, wake up soon.” And I saw Stella every day. She’s so little and cute, and I said to her, “Hi, Shtella!”  I think because she’s a baby she only hears when you talk high, so that’s how I did it so she would hear me. That’s how the grown ups talk to her anyway.

My mom and dad say I get to go to Silver Lake every year, so I think I will go again next year. I didn’t remember that I was there before, but my mom says this picture is proof. I guess that’s me, but I don’t think I was ever that small. If I got so big in one year, imagine how big I will be next year! I think my head will touch the letters on the chair. It almost is now anyway.

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