WVSleepingI went to my mom and dad’s today for a pool day, and to work during his naps. All was going well. We had a great time swimming—perhaps too much fun, since when it came time for his nap, he was not happy. He cried, which isn’t unusual. He occassionally cries for a few minutes before a nap, especially when he isn’t at home. I was in the room next door, so I could hear him crying. Then his cries faded and he was quiet for a few minutes. But then he cried again for another minute, which doesn’t ever happen. Then 2 minute silence, and another cry. I went to the room he was in to peek to see what was going on. And this image is what I saw. Mr. Stubborn, sitting up, had fallen asleep with his face on the rail. Every few minutes he would jolt a little, sit up with his eyes closed still, cry, and then flop forward onto the rail again. After snapping a picture, I laid him down so he could enjoy his nap a little more. At that point, he was in a deep enough sleep that his eyes didn’t even open when I laid him down.