AdalaideWe were at Vacation Bible School in the nursery (a friend of mine said, of course, it always happens at Vacation Bible School…). Wally Ben was playing with all the new baby toys, and had taken notice of the other baby in the room, nearly 1 yr. old Adalaide, a few times. Once they warmed up to the idea of each other, they started to play with the same toys. At one point, when they were sitting right next to each other, Wally Ben put his arm on her shoulder and leaned in for a kiss, but shied away at the last second. It was too late, though, as Adalaide had noticed his intentions. She leaned toward him and finished the job with a big open-mouth smack right on his waiting open mouth. Then they both went on with the business of playing with their toys. One of the sweetest moments of his life so far!