Wally Ben has said his first word that’s not of the “mom mom”, “dada”, “Ellie” variety. A few weeks ago we were at Chipotle, and Wally5 was getting worked up, so by way of distraction, we asked him where the exit sign was.

He has always had an affinity for exit signs. Since he started pointing, it has been one of his favorite things to point out. Our friends have mentioned that this obsession has an upside–safety. In case of fire, we always are aware of the exit signs in the vicinity, since WV has likely pointed them out.

At Chipotle, he eventually found the exit sign and then pointed at it the rest of the meal. When we packed up and were on the way out the door, he pointed up at the sign and said, “eeeeeeehg-zeet”. W4 and I both looked at eachother and said, “Did he really just say that?” We laughed it off, didn’t believe it, and I started strapping him into his carseat.

Me: Wally, did you just say “exit”? What a smart boy!

W5: “Eeeeehg-zeet”

Me: He just said it again!

W4: Did you say “exit”?

W5: Eg-zeet. Eeeeeehgg-zeet. G-zeet. Eeeeegzeet.

So there we have it, folks. Our first, official, real English, human-language word. Weird.

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